Why Learn English?


Ten reasons to learn English

  1. English is spoken by 20% of the world, making it the most commonly spoken language on Earth!
  2. Learn English to improve your chance of getting a good job because it is the language of diplomacy, tourism, computer science, the internet, aviation, and science and technology.
  3. English is the official language of 67 countries!!
  4. English is the first language of 400 million people.
  5. Learn English and enjoy your favorite songs, movies, TV shows, and books without needing to translate or use subtitles because English is the language used by the media industry.
  6. Most websites are written in English. Learning English will let you understand more and participate in the discussions and forums.
  7. English uses a simple alphabet that can be learned pretty easily and quickly.
  8. Learning English will give you a lot of satisfaction.  Just remember that every hour you invest in learning gets you closer to fluency.
  9. Because English is so wildly spoken there are thousands of schools offering programs in English.  If you speak English there are many opportunities for you to find a university that is right for you.
  10. It’s Just Fun !!  During the process to learn English you will also learn about other cultures and their people.
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