Currently, I offer three English language services

  1. Private and small group English lessons.
    • This is for students of any level.  The goal of the program is to teach the student to be conversational in English.  The length of time required to become conversant is dependent on the student’s ability and their current level.  The student reader and workbook are included in the lesson fees.
  2. Hospitality English program specifically designed for the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.).
    • Hospitality English focuses on the conversations that take place in a hotel or resort environment.  For example, the conversations used to check guests in and out of the hotel, in a restaurant, helping guests resolve problems, giving direction, etc.  These lessons designed for students with minimal English skills and are fast-paced, taking just 25-30 hours depending on the student’s abilities.  All the materials for Hospitality English are included in the lesson fees.
  3. Tutoring students attending other English classes such as a school program.
    • This is for students who need a little assistance with their English coursework at a school, university, or language academy.  I will tutor you using the materials provided to you by your course.