How to use WHICH and THAT

The general rule is to use THAT before a restrictive clause and use WHICH before everything else. A clause is restrictive if it’s a part of a sentence that you can’t remove without affecting the meaning of the sentence. But a non-restrictive clause can be left out without changing the sentence’s meaning. Non-restrictive clauses are… Read More »

Keep Calm and Avoid Comma Splices!

Keep Calm and Avoid Comma Splices! But first, what is a comma splice? A comma splice happens when a writer joins two sentences incorrectly with a comma. For example, “I can prove I was at the beach all day, I have a sunburn to show for it!” The example has two sentences: I can prove I… Read More »

Teaching English in the Nude

English Lesson in the nude There is now a website offering video lessons with tutors teaching English while they are naked! It is called “Naked Language” and it was developed by Desnudando Las Noticias in Venezuela. The tutors are teaching English naked to catch their student’s attention.  I don’t know if the students are paying attention… Read More »

World’s Largest English Lesson

English lesson for 3000+ students from 62 countries (12-2-2016, Sydney, Australia) – 3000 students participated in a forty-five minute to one hour long English lesson at Bondi Beach in an attempt to set the world’s record for “Guinness World Records”. The event was sponsored by the Universities of Australia, Wollongong, Macquarie, Western Sydney, as well as many… Read More »

English is crazy!

Sometime grammar of English is crazy English is crazy.  This sentence has seven identical words in a row and it still makes sense. “It is true for all that that that that that that that refers to is not the same that that that that refers to.” (= It is true for all that, that that “that”… Read More »

A few common letters used in English

Fun facts about English The letter ‘E’ is the most common letter in English. ‘E’ is also the most common vowel in English, the letter ‘A’ is the second most common vowel. The letter ‘R’ is the most common consonant used in English and the letter ‘T’ is the second most common consonant. The letter “S” is… Read More »

Hello World!!  My First Update.

Hello World, This is my first update.  Please allow me to announce to the World that I am now looking for clients interested in private English lessons.  I also want to give you a FREE eBook! I offer private classes to individuals, and for small groups.  All textbooks are included. However, because of limits on… Read More »