Teaching English in the Nude

By | Feb 29

English Lesson in the nude

Photograph of a naked tutor (censored) in a classroom teaching english to adult students

Naked Language Tutor

There is now a website offering video lessons with tutors teaching English while they are naked! It is called “Naked Language” and it was developed by Desnudando Las Noticias in Venezuela. The tutors are teaching English naked to catch their student’s attention.  I don’t know if the students are paying attention to the naked teacher or learning English.

Their website offers a promotional video of nude women teaching a class of adult English language learners sitting at their desks. Of course, the students keep their clothes on, and I don’t think touching the teacher is allowed. The video is at the end of this article.

I cannot tell it this is for real, being done for publicity, or if it is intended to be a humor channel like Desnudando Las Noticia’s “Stripping for Laughs” videos. However, you will see at the end of the “Naked Language” promotional video is a promise of an internationally recognized certificate for those students who can stay focused on learning English instead of their naked teachers and complete the program.

A quick note about me teaching English

For anyone considering me as your teacher: I WILL NOT TEACH ENGLISH NAKED !!! Honestly, this is best for both of us. Especially since I teach in public places like the Cooperación Española here in Antigua.  You can use this form to contact me.

Also, there are more news sources below the video

WARNING! This video is uncensored, there is nudity

If you do not like nudity you can watch a safe, censored version of the video here.


Other sources

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